We're thrilled to announce that after a rigorous assessment, we've been officially certified as a Great Place to Work®.

We're thrilled to announce that after a rigorous assessment, we've been officially certified as a Great Place to Work®.

What does this mean for you, our customers, current and prospective employees? It's more than just a framed certificate on the wall or a badge on our website – it's a testament to the fabric of our company culture, a commitment to our employees and a vow to deliver incomparable customer engagement. Let's unpack the survey findings that led to our certification and explore how it defines who we are as an employer and an outsourced sales and service provider.


Overview of the Survey

To achieve the 'Great Place to Work®' certification, we took part in an extensive employee survey and demonstrated the inclusivity and integrity of our company's leadership and also the effectiveness and fairness of our company's policies and programs. With participation rates scaling significant levels, our employees made their voices heard. The survey sought to analyse our performance across multiple dimensions, such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie in the workplace. 

We're pleased to report that our employees expressed an overwhelming sense of pride, with 97% stating they were proud to work at our company. Additionally, 95% of employees reported feeling respected in the workplace and 94% stated they have a strong level of trust in the company's leadership. These positive sentiments are a true testament to the strong company culture we've fostered, where our employees feel valued and supported.

Age and tenure within our company were diverse, as were full-time positions, accounting for all but three of the employees. Notably, 66% of our respondents expressed high levels of trust, a sentiment reflected in scores for fairness (81%), credibility (83%), respect (81%), pride (78%) and camaraderie (85%), leading to an overall positive response rate of 82%. Interestingly, while falling just shy of the professional services averages by a mere 1-2%, some areas such as performance management and reward systems significantly outperformed industry benchmarks.

But what truly defines a Great Workplace from a management perspective? It is the harmony of achieving organisational objectives while nurturing a workforce that gives their best in a setting ripe for teamwork and imbued with trust.

The results shone a spotlight on areas integral to our success: Communication & Involvement, Strategy and Direction, and Management & Leadership, amongst others. Reassuringly, the survey results highlight our strengths in empowering and evaluating performance, continuous improvement, developing talent and supporting personal wellbeing—areas where we measure up to or even surpass peer benchmarks.

These are no ordinary statistics; they are the chorus of an unstoppable workplace community, echoing a sentiment of uncommon trust—86% of us to be precise. Proudly standing 82% in unified positivity, with glowing scores in fair play (81%) and team spirit (85%), we’ve not just shaped an environment that's welcoming and fun, but one that challenges, nurtures and champions personal growth and professional excellence.


  • Response Rate: A robust 70%
  • Overall Positive Response: A resounding 82%
  • Trust in Management: 86% indicating high trust levels
  • Performance Management & Reward Systems: Surpassing industry benchmarks
  • Areas for Improvement: Enhancing communication clarity, balancing the scales of work pressures
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Culture: High priority with strong endorsement

"From the very first day on the job, I've felt like a valued part of the team. This company truly cares about its employees and their well-being."


Ready for the Uncommon?

At our company, we pride ourselves on being confident, innovative and visionary. We go above and beyond industry standards in areas like performance management and rewards. Our team-first atmosphere is built on a commitment to continuous evolution as evidenced by real feedback from our employees.

But that's not all. We are dedicated to embracing individuality and promoting excellence in all aspects of our work and culture. We strive to disrupt norms, pushing boundaries and breaking barriers while fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

So, are you ready to join us on this uncommon path? We don't just work for our staff; we work with them, crafting careers that embody respect, trust and limitless growth. Embrace the careers section of our website and be a part of reshaping not just work, but life itself – fearless, unwavering and utterly uncommon. 

Join us and let's create an extraordinary future together.

"I've been impressed with the level of support and benefits offered here. I can confidently say that this is a company that looks out for its employees."

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