In the dynamic, shape-shifting energy arena, our partnership with Bord Gáis has unfolded over 11 years. During this time, we have actively supported and implemented their groundbreaking programmes, sparking meaningful discussions and advancing opportunities in green tech, including Solar PV and electric vehicles. This partnership, recognised with awards such as “Outsourced Partnership of the Year 2023,” goes beyond ordinary client-company dynamics, reflecting the unique relationship and trust crafted over many years, marked by our shared commitment to innovation and excellence.

How Our Partnership Has Grown

From a conventional client-vendor relationship, our partnership has morphed into a strategic collaboration, with Uniquely emerging as Bord Gáis Energy’s primary national field sales partner. This evolution is marked by our significant contributions to sales strategies, customer engagement and overall business growth.

Our Uncommon Solutions

Uniquely has redefined the field sales and customer engagement landscape, integrating advanced sales structures, innovative recruitment methods and comprehensive training programs, all underpinned by state-of-the-art technology. The results are staggering – a year-on-year delivery of over €54.3 million in revenues, acquisition of 40,000 new customers and consistently exceeding targets.

Key Programmes & Campaigns

Together, we’ve created a diverse portfolio of successful programmes:

Residential and Business Energy Sales: A core ongoing activity, encompassing new customer acquisition, service and retention.

Pre-Paid Gas Retention: Targeted campaigns to retain customers in competitive areas, significantly reducing customer defection.

Gas Market Entry and Dual Fuel Products: Following gas market deregulation, we played a pivotal role in launching new products, resulting in substantial success.

Connected Homes/Smart Energy: Initiatives focusing on modern energy solutions like HIVE and connected home technologies, enhancing market penetration.

Data Collection and Customer Identification: Targeted campaigns to update customer data, improving Bord Gáis Energy’s reach and service delivery.

Innovation & Elevating Customer Experiences

The 'No one gets left behind' programme streamlines the end-to-end customer acquisition and re-contracting experience, remarkably improving customer account management, enhancing revenue and customer satisfaction.

Proactive Management & Consultancy

Our management approach involves rapid response to trends and a relentless focus on enhancing Bord Gáis Energy’s brand and reputation, guarding the brand as if it were our own. Our consultative approach, leveraging real-time market feedback, has been instrumental in adapting and refining sales strategies and product offerings.

Training and Development

Our comprehensive training regimen is central to the partnership, including ongoing induction training, regular coaching sessions and continuous skills enhancement, ensuring that our teams effectively deliver Bord Gáis Energy’s products and services.

Human Resources and Safety

We place a high priority on human resources and safety. The HR strategies align closely with Bord Gáis Energy’s values and policies, fostering an environment of employee well-being, professional growth and safety.

Technology and Data Integration

We leverage next-gen customer engagement technologies and data warehousing solutions, enhancing customer interactions and bolstering operational efficiency.

Integrated Sales and Customer Engagement

Our integrated approach, combining field sales expertise with our Customer Engagement Centre, ensures a unified and fluid customer experience. This integration is pivotal in managing customer escalations, enhancing service delivery and supporting field operations.

Industry-Leading Sales Model

Our field sales model promotes quality and consistency. The model includes a structured remuneration system, incentivising quality sales and aligning with Bord Gáis Energy’s performance expectations, fostering brand loyalty and ensuring compliance.

Territory Management and Feedback Processes

Effective territory management and an efficient feedback process are key components of the partnership. These strategies ensure deep market penetration and adaptability, allowing for real-time adjustments to sales strategies based on field feedback


The strategic partnership between Uniquely and Bord Gáis Energy underscores the transformative impact of collaboration, innovation and shared commitment to excellence. Beyond achieving remarkable financial success and market growth, this alliance sets new standards in customer engagement and field sales strategy, demonstrating the power of strategic collaboration in the energy sector.

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